Desk Heater with Hand Warmer

Desk Heater with Hand Warmer

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  • A great way to keep your hands warm while you work.
  • You can find the perfect temperature for your needs.
  • The remote control makes it easy to adjust the temperature from afar.
  • Has an an adjustable thermostat so you can control the temperature.
  • The heater also has overheat protection.
  • Power: <800W.
  • Heating Element: PTC.
  • Size: 4.3×4.7×7 inches (11.5*12.5*18.5cm).

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Are you looking for a way to stay warm this winter? Look no further than the Desk Heater with Hand Warmer!

This powerful heating device features a fan heater, adjustable thermostat, overheat protection, and a remote control, making it the perfect solution for your home or office. Also, its compact size and portable design make it easy to move from room to room.

This portable heater is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, and is equipped with a powerful PTC heating element that can heat up to 20㎡. In addition, it also features adjustable thermostat and remote control functions, as well as three speed settings and a CE certification.

Benefits of the Desk Heater with Hand Warmer :

  • Fan Heater: The Desk Heater with Hand Warmer uses a fan heater to quickly and efficiently warm up your space.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: The adjustable thermostat allows you to customize the temperature of your space to your exact specifications.
  • Remote Controlled: This device can be controlled from anywhere in the room with the included remote control.
  • Overheat Protection: This device is equipped with a safety feature that will shut off the heater if it gets too hot.

Specifications :

  • Power: <800W
  • Heating Element: PTC
  • Size: 4.3×4.7×7 inches (11.5*12.5*18.5cm)


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