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Crystal Hair Eraser Magic Painless Hair Removal Epilator

  • Painless Hair Removal – Crystal hair removal instantly shrinks pores on skin to instantly smooth and eliminate hair regrowth.
  • Crystal hair remover is simple and convenient to use.
  • portable Small and compact size – Crystal Hair Eraser is a professional styling hair remover.
  • Clean the hair within 90 seconds, preventing hair loss and regrowth.
  • Hand-held device quickly provides soothing relief to forearms after shaving, lessening ingrown hairs and leaving smoother skin.

The Crystal Hair Eraser is a unique hair removal tool which can help gently remove excess hair from your legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. Simply glide the Plucker over the area to remove unwanted hair. The Crystal Hair Eraser’s unique design lifts unwanted hair away from your skin.

The Eraser is ideal for use after shaving or waxing to remove any loose hair and is comfortable to use. The Crystal Hair Eraser is easy to use and can be stored flat. The head is made from flexible Plastic which can help reduce irritation and help to keep your skin softer and smoother.



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