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Cordless Zero Gapped Trimmer Hair Clipper

The cordless zero gapped trimmer hair clipper is a universal hair trimmer that you can use for multi-purposes. Moreover, It has a highly efficient carbon-steel T-shaped trimmer. This is additionally ideal for close-cutting, hair outlining, dry shaving, and more.

This makes it very easy to self-trim your hair and others in no time. In addition, It has a USB chargeable option, which makes it convenient to recharge the battery.

Moreover, the robust motor has enhanced power and speed, which makes its performance unmatched! It is a must-have for every man.

Benefits of the Cordless Zero Gapped Trimmer Hair Clipper

  • It has an aluminum alloy body with a fashionable rhombus texture, making it an elite and stylish tool for trimming hair.
  • The on and off functionality reassures you of the tool’s safety.
  • The cordless zero gapped trimmer hair clipper has a 1200mAh lithium-ion battery, which gives you a more extended and sufficient use time.
  • You will love the sharp carbon steel and T-shaped blade, which swiftly cuts through the hair to give you a clean and clear base.
  • The hair trimmer has a USB type-C charging port that you can connect to any outlet for charging.
  • Lastly, It has four guide combs of various sizes, allowing you to get the perfect cut for your hair.


  • Available in black color
  • It comes with a cleaning brush, four guide-combs, and a usb cable charger
  • Cordless and USB chargeable


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