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Coating Agent For Automotive Plastics

Are you tired of dull and faded plastic on your car’s exterior and interior? Say goodbye to that problem with our Coating Agent for Automotive Plastics!

This powerful product is designed to deeply penetrate the pores of plastic materials, instantly brightening them and slowing down the aging process. It also effortlessly removes contaminants without causing any damage.

Benefits of the Coating Agent For Automotive Plastics :

  • Easy Application: With just one wipe, our coating agent will give your car a whole new look! Simply apply a few drops on the included applicator and wipe it on your trim or plastic. It’s that easy!
  • Long-Lasting Results: Our plastic restorer is built to last, even against the toughest car washes and harsh weather conditions. A little goes a long way, and you’ll be amazed at how it can refresh your entire car in just one minute!
  • Protect and Refresh: Not only does our coating agent brighten and restore dull plastic, but it also protects against premature wear and fading caused by light and road grime. Keep your car looking new with our special formula that works on all colors of plastic and rubber.
  • Perfect for All Occasions: Whether it’s your car doors, wiper tank, fender flares, or even electronic car pedals, our coating agent is suitable for all automotive products.
  • Easy to Use: Simply clean the area to be treated, spray the product, and wipe it evenly with a sponge or rag. Wait a moment and then wipe it off for a refreshed and shiny finish.


  • Content : 1 fl oz (30ml)
  • Safe for all colors of plastic and rubber
  • Will not harm or dry surfaces


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