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Christmas Tree Lightshow | 16.4ft multicolor led animated outdoor christmas...

Welcome to Christmas Tree Lightshow! Beautiful, festive lights get you in the mood for the holidays and your family. Our bulbs are textured and give off a white light or multicolour light, depending on your preference.

Our set comes with everything you’ll need, to make a christmas lightshow. Not only are these lights vibrant, but they’re also water resistant!

Our Christmas Tree Lightshow is a stunning decoration. Tailor it to your own taste by selecting from a wide range of modes. Our versatile light show puts on a show that’s as unique as you are!

Are you ready to amaze your family and friends this Christmas? With our LED light show, you can create a breathtaking atmosphere in seconds! The multicolor LED bulbs come with 190 LEDS and can decorate trees, wreaths, garlands, and more. They’ll last for many Christmases to come!

Benefits of Christmas Tree Lightshow

  • Settings for 8 different working modes: combination, wave, sequence, slow light, follow light/flash, slow fading, flicker/flash, and constant light.
  • ‘Waterproof’ IP44: Outdoor holiday decorations LED Star Lights.
  • These Christmas Tree Lightshow have a solid construction and can withstand significant amounts of snow and rain thanks to their IP44 waterproof capability.
  • Broad Application: The use of these Christmas Tree Lightshow is widespread, including for patios, gardens, yards, parties, fences, porches, trees, roofs, and other indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Low Voltage and Safe for Touch: The energy-efficient, brilliant LED star string light is safe, underneath the safe voltage for a human body, and produced with high-quality wire. Since the bulb doesn’t heat up, you can touch it whenever possible.


  • Colors : White, Warm White, Multicolor LED
  • 190 Leds
  • Grade 44 for water resistance
  • 8 Lighting Modes in Mode


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