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Chicken Helmet Head Protection Gear | Chicken Little Helmet

Have you ever wanted to protect your chickens from the dangers of the outside world? Look no further than the Chicken Helmet Head Protection Gear!

Introducing a secure and comfortable designed  that offers ultimate protection from the elements. With this Chicken Little Helmet, your feathered friends will stay safe and cozy during all weather conditions. Rest assured that your feathered friends will have the protection they need with this specially designed helmet.

Benefits of the Chicken Little Helmet:

  • Secure Fit: It’s designed to fit your chickens securely and comfortably, providing them with the protection they need from the elements.
  • Lightweight Design: It’s designed to be lightweight and comfortable, making it perfect for your chickens to wear all day.
  • Durable Material: It’s made of durable material, making it strong enough to withstand the elements and keep your chickens safe.


    • Material: PP.
    • Size: 1.77*1.57inch (4*4.5cm) Approx.
    • Package Content: 1 x  Helmet.


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