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Caulk Strip Tape | Professional Self Adhesive Caulk Strip

Caulk Strip Tape is an ultimate alternative to regular caulks. Either use it to prevent gross stuffing, fill gaps, get rid of mold, or seal the sink, basin, bathtub seams, etc. In short, it’s a mush have product for everyone!

Besides being water, mold, oil, and damp proof, Caulk Strip Tape has lots of other advantages too. Let’s have a look at them!

Benefits of Caulk Strip Trip

  • The self-adhesive Caulk Strip Tape is all you need to cover your cracks, damaged corners, and gaps.
  • This waterproof tape is perfect for sealing glass, wall trims, showers, tiles, tubs, and tile surfaces.
  • Caulk Strip Tape is practical as it gives a smooth finish with its beautiful surface, ensuring a long-lasting seal.
  • It’s an ideal alternative to caulk, as it provides greater flexibility.
  • Simply cut the tape according to your required length, peel it, and press it onto the surface, and you are done! Yes, folks, it’s that easy!
  • Whether it’s the basin, sink, stove, bathtub, or walls, this Professional Self Adhesive Caulk Strip knows how to seal all seams.
  • It also prevents dirt and debris accumulation under baseboards. Just a durable waterproof seal of this tape can prevent gross stuffing under toilets.


  • Made with high-quality PVC material
  • Length: 126 inches/ 320cm
  • Width: 0.9 inches / 2.2cm
  • Color : white, Gray, Blue
  • The package includes a Professional Self Adhesive Caulk Strip


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