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Catnip Spinning Ball | Catnip Rolling Ball

Introducing these catnip spinning balls can be a game-changer for every cat owner. It can effortlessly stick to the wall and never fall. Your cat would love to play with it and, at the same time, get an instant stress reliever. This catnip spinning rolling ball can rotate up to 360 degrees while your cat licks it.

The catnip rolling ball helps your cat relieve anxiety and improve its oral health. Now, your cat won’t, as you’ll bring it closer to your face. The best part is that it can make your lazy cat active because of the presence of silvervine and catmint.

Benefits of Catnip spinning ball

  • All-natural ingredients: The catnip ball on the wall contains all-natural ingredients. It has pure plant extracts and is chemical-free.
  • Best entertainer for cats: Due to the circular shape of the catnip spinning ball, your cat can spin and rotate it in a single place. It will be super fun for your cat, and it will be addictive to it.
  • Makes the lazy cat active: Due to its scent, it lures the cat into being more active and improves its health.


  • The Mint ball is 30mm, and the base is 45mm
  • ingredients : Natural silvervine and catmint
  • Choose your package : 1 Pcs / 5 Pcs / 10 Pcs
  • Color : Green


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