Car Cup Holder Tray

Car Cup Holder Tray

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  • Big storage capacity of 9″ x 6″  and can rotate 360°
  • Can hold 2 cups, meals, phone, keys, wallets etc
  • Adjustable base
  • Anti-slip technology
  • Easy to install
  • Accommodates different drink sizes, including coffee cups, Hydroflasks, and water bottles

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Introducing our car cup holder tray. There’s no need to continue battling for storage space. Moreover, our solution will enable you to both SAVE space and ADD room to your vehicle.

This car cup holder tray has a 360-degree rotation capability. The attached huge tray expander can accommodate your phone, keys, wallets, and even drive-thru meals. In addition, this makes it convenient and accessible to anybody else.

You may take extra beverages in the additional 2 cups. Moreover, one of which is a big drink holder for lengthy road journeys.

The easy and secure cup holder tray table has an extensible base. The base makes it possible to firmly fit most automobiles. To get the optimum fit, just counterclockwise turn the nozzle close to the product’s bottom.

Benefits Of Car Cup Holder Tray

  • Hold various items simultaneously: With the help of this 2-in-1 car cup holder tray, you can carry your various items easily. Moreover can enjoy dining while on the road!
  • Huge storage capacity: The huge 9″ x 6″  can rotate 360°. It can store up to 40 POUNDS of things for your convenience.
  • Accommodates various cups: It accommodates a range of different drink sizes, including coffee cups, Hydroflasks, and water bottles.
  • Easy to install: All you need to do is slide the silicone pad into the big cup holder tray table after attaching the tray to the base.


  • Matte black and carbon fiber
  • ABS material.
  • Universal Models are Usable.
  • Approximately 18KG load.
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