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Butter Spreader Tool

Butter is an essential ingredient for a healthy diet, and it’s hard to get the perfect amount each time. The butter spreader tool can help with that! It’s easy to use: just spread the butter by rotating the handle, then turn it back when it’s used.

This butter spreader gadget is made from high-quality materials so that it can be directly touched with food. You’ll have an evenly spread film of butter on your bread or toast with no mess to clean up afterwards. Plus, it comes with a cover that helps keep things fresh!

Spread the love with ease with this butter spreader tool! This innovative kitchen tool is designed to make spreading butter even and easy.

It’s also hygienic, as it doesn’t have any sharp edges on its surfaces. With a cover that allows you to keep your spread fresh and a clear structure that is easy to disassemble, this is the only butter spreader you’ll ever need!

Benefits of Butter Spreader Tool

  • Pour or sprinkle with ease, thanks to the rotating mechanism.
  • Its smooth and rounded shape fits well in your hand and will not damage food.
  • The unique cover design keeps fresh ingredients from drying out, while the clear structure is easy to take apart for cleaning.
  • The food-grade silicone material is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.
  • No need to worry about using too much or leaving residue on your hands with this butter spreader tool.


  • Size: 1.2*1.2*4.3inches (3.6*3.6*11cm) Approx.
  • Material : food-grade silicone


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