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Bulbasaur Plush Big Pokemon Giant Plushies

Bulbasaur Plush canvas

Are you looking for a super adorable toy to gift your little one? Look no further than this giant Bulbasaur plush toy. It’s available in 7 different sizes, from a small and handy stuff toy to a 16 inches real life size giant plush toy; you can buy any size that you love.

Its concise details make it look like it has just popped out of an entire Pokemon series. No matter to which age group you belong, it is a perfect gift for every Pokemon lover out there. Get this cute and lovable Big Bulbasaur Pokemon Plush toy now to grab it tightly at night for an exceedingly comfy sleep.

Benefits of Bulbasaur Plush toy :

  • Designed in a cute Bulbasaur design for Pokémon lovers
  • The fast and vivid color makes it super attractive.
  • Giant Bulbasaur Plush is a perfect gift for every age group.
  • It can be decorated in a cozy corner of your room.
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials.

Specifications :

  • Available in 5 different sizes : 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 13 inches, 16 inches
  • Filled with soft and high-grade Polymer.


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