Bucket List 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

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Bucket List 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

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  • Motivational tool to read more books.
  • 100 diverse book recommendations.
  • Scratch-off patches for fresh suggestions.
  • Interactive experience, track progress.
  • Constant reminder of reading goals.
  • Enhances aesthetic appeal, adds charm.
  • Decorative piece, inviting atmosphere.
  • Material: Paper.
  • Size: 23.4*16.5inch (60*42cm) Approx.

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Have you ever wanted to read all the classic books? With the Bucket List 100 Books Scratch Off Poster, you can easily keep track of the books you’ve read and the ones you still need to read!

This poster features 100 of the greatest books of all time, from classic novels to modern poetry. You can scratch off the titles as you read them and proudly display your progress.

Benefits of the Bucket List 100 Books Scratch Off Poster:

  • The Bucket List 100 Books Scratch Off Poster serves as a powerful motivational tool to encourage you to read more books. By displaying this poster, you’ll be inspired to complete all the book suggestions listed, fostering a constant desire to read also explore new literary adventures.
  • With 100 book recommendations, this poster provides a diverse and curated selection of books to explore. Each book is hidden beneath a scratch-off patch, allowing you to unveil new suggestions whenever you need fresh book ideas. It adds an element of excitement also surprise to your reading journey.
  • The act of scratching off the patches on the poster creates an interactive experience. As you scratch off each book, you not only discover new reading material but also create a visual representation of your progress. Also, it adds a sense of achievement and satisfaction to your reading endeavors.
  • By easily pasting the poster on your wall, it serves as a constant reminder of your goal to complete the book list. Also, its presence in your living space keeps your reading aspirations in focus, ensuring that you remain motivated and engaged in pursuing your reading goals.
  • Apart from its functional benefits, the Bucket List 100 Books also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Also, its eye-catching design and vibrant colors make it a decorative piece that adds personality and literary charm to your room, creating an inviting atmosphere for reading and relaxation.


  • Material: Paper.
  • Size: 23.4*16.5inch (60*42cm) Approx.


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    Nice Nice I recommend

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    by Nathaniel (verified owner)

    The product was perfect for me, highly recommended

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    Thanks for the great packaging , I loved it

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    My friends and I like those products

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    very good! I love it! I recommend it 100%

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