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Bloody Bath Mat

This bloody bath mat is a mat that turns bloody when wet, creating the illusion of bloody footprints. The best part is that the footprints disappear when the sheet dries, so your prank will be undetectable!

It’s the perfect way to startle and amuse your friends and family.

The Bloody Bath Mat is perfect for :

  • Pranking your friends and family
  • Making your guests feel uncomfortable
  • Decorating for a Halloween party
  • Perfect gift for friends and family

Benefits :

  • The original bloody bath mat that started it all!
  • Color changing effect that is sure to amaze
  • Disappears like magic when dry

Specifications :

  • Size : 16 x 24 inches ( 40 x 60 cm) approx.
  • Color : White turns to bloody red
  • Material : Vinyl mat

Our customers love the Bloody Bath Mat! Here’s what they’re saying:

“This is the best prank gift I’ve ever seen! My boyfriend was so surprised when he saw the bloody footprints on the mat. He had no idea what was going on. It was hilarious!”

“I gave this to my sister as a prank and she totally fell for it! She freaked out when she saw the bloody footprints and it was so funny. I’m definitely buying one for myself.”

“This mat is so much fun! I’ve been using it to prank my friends and they always fall for it. It’s great for a good laugh.”


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