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Black Playing Cards | Black Waterproof Playing Cards

We all love to get-togethers with family and friends. To make it fun and enjoyable, we kill time by playing cards. It takes you on an endless roller coaster of laughter. However, it can be a huge turn-off when your black card deck gets damaged by water or any liquid. That’s not the case with these waterproof black playing cards.

These are 100% waterproof, which makes them a game-changer for clumsy and sweaty hands. Using this black card deck lets you have endless fun without being anxious about dropping water on it.

Benefits Of Black Playing Cards

Here are some classic benefits you can receive from purchasing black waterproof playing cards.

  • Super artsy and stylish: You’ll love the matte finish body, which makes it irresistible and artistic.
  • Large Index: These have a large index, making it feasible to play well.
  • Unambiguous design: This black card deck has a clear design that doesn’t require extra effort to analyze and play.
  • Scratch-resistant: With a scratch-resistant body, it can look good as new even after months of use.
  • Flexible and dent-free: bending makes the card go bad normally. However, these will be mark-free.


  • PVC material
  • The size is 6.3×8.8cm
  • 0.030cm thickness



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