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BGA Syringe Tin Silver Solder Paste Leaded Sn63 Pb37 Melting Point 183 C

Are you tired of dealing with messy and unreliable soldering methods? Look no further, because the silver solder paste syringe is here to revolutionize your soldering experience!

Benefits of the silver solder paste syringe :

  • Smart Design: Our solder paste syringe is designed to make soldering easier and more efficient.
  • New Technical Support: With a unique chemical formula, our paste provides excellent wetting for high reliability.
  • Widely Applicable: Perfect for mobile phone repair, computer digital services, and high-precision circuit board soldering.
  • High-Quality: Our solder paste is made with a unique formula for perfect performance and a bright and full solder joint.


  • Capacity : 35g
  • Long shelf life at room temperature
  • Color : silver


  • 1. Apply the solder paste to the desired area using the syringe.
  • 2. Place the electronic component onto the paste.
  • 3. Heat the solder to the appropriate temperature.
  • 4. Watch as the solder and component are permanently connected with the evaporation of the solvent and additives.


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