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Badass Motorcycle Leg Bag

One of the biggest issues for bikers is organization. Where to put wallet, cards, keys, phone, earbuds?

One easy solution is this Badass Motorcycle Leg Bag. It is ideal for smaller items. When riding, you can relax knowing you have a safe, reliable, and portable accessory. It fits your leg well. It’s big, but it’s not bulky.

The Badass Motorcycle Leg Bag outperforms sling bags and pickpockets in security and utility. The Badass Motorcycle Leg Bag is right beside you when riding. You could even put it in front and keep an eye on the bag.

The Badass Motorcycle Leg Bag is both practical and affordable. This price is a steal for the quality and features.

  • Our Badass Motorcycle Leg Bag is popular because:
  • The leg bags are canvas (except for the black leg bag, which is made from waterproof premium nylon). They can withstand daily use.
  • These vintage-inspired bags come in coffee, black, and blue. You can choose a color based on your overall style or just because you like it.
  • They go well with any outfit.
  • Your outdoor activities will be enhanced with these. It’s not just for motorcycling.
  • They measure 6 x 2 x 11.4 in (15 x 5 x 29 cm) and can hold an iPad mini, a cellphone, wallets, keys, etc.
  • Shoulder Strap: 49.2 in (125 cm)
  • 51.2 in Waist (130 cm)
  • LEG CIRCUIT: 27.5 (70 cm)


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