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Baby handprint and footprint kit Newborn baby’s hands and feet ink printing...

Nothing is more beautiful than watching a child develop.  So take a moment right now to photograph their hand and footprints as a memento of when they were a baby by using a baby handprint and footprint kit. Wait until the baby is napping quietly before taking your print for the ideal still memory.

Benefits of baby handprint and footprint kit Newborn baby’s hands and feet ink printing kit:

  • Ample quantity for printing: Newborn hands and feet ink printing kit includes two sets of white imprint cards. Moreover, it includes one clean touch ink pad.
  • Dependable sources: it has a clean touch and is inkless. You can use it to capture your child’s handprints and footprints. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or ink spills on the paper. It is also dependable and safe to use.
  • Simple steps for use: Your baby’s hand, foot, or paw of your pet should be gently pressed against the handprint ink pad. After a few seconds, the print will be complete, quick to dry, and free of any extra stains.
  • Family collector’s item: The handprint and footprint pad will be an incredibly special keepsake for the entire family to preserve the prints of their newborn as they grow, honoring the child’s significant birth moment, a cozy memento to keep at home, and a unique gift that can be given to your friends and family.
  • Animal paw recorder: Pets are important to pet owners, and an inkless print pad can be used to leave a paw print for your adorable animals. This gesture is significant for your relationship.


  • Inkless design, your kid will not touch the ink, the print is made by pressure
  • Package includes 1 x Clean Touch Ink Pads and 2 x White Imprint Cards to print hands and feet


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