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Arancini Maker | Arancini Rice Ball Mold Shaper

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make perfect Arancini rice balls? Look no further than the Arancini Maker, Arancini Rice Ball Mold Shaper!

We made this kitchen tool with high-quality, non-toxic material that is durable and reusable. We designed it with round and pointed shapes that will give you the best outcome when preparing meat or rice balls. It is easy to use and can speed up your food preparation time, so you can cook like a professional!

Benefits of the Arancini Maker:

  • Easy Rice Ball Mold: Allows users to easily produce perfect shaped meat and rice balls from 80 grams to 160 grams.
  • Two Shape Types for Variety: Explore your creativity with this round and pointed shapes mold. Perfect for Arancini, Onigiri or Japanese rice balls.
  • Consistent Results: By using an Arancini Maker, you can ensure that your arancini are consistently shaped and sized, making them more visually appealing and easier to cook evenly.
  • Easy to Clean: Simply wash it with water and dry it, and reuse it unlimitedly.
  • Safe Materials: Made from top quality that’s safe and certified for food use which guarantees not containing any harmful substances.
  • Speed You Up: Simple and effortless tool that save your food preparation time.
  • Compact and Light: The compact design of the Arancini Rice Ball Mold Shaper makes it easy to carry around and store.


  • Material: ABS.
  • Size: Round 4.92*2.17inch (12.8*5.5cm)/ Pointed 4.72*1.97inch (12*5cm) Approx.
  • Type: Round, Pointed.


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