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Chafful Moisture Cushion Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream Best Makeup

For a lovely, natural, and luminous appearance, our chafful moisture cushion conceals blemishes, dark spots, and redness, as well as uneven skin tone.

The Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream composition provides exceptional spreadability while causing no irritation. The moisturizing characteristics of the new composition leave the skin feeling fresh and comfortable all day.

Chafful moisture cushion with elastic sponge mushroom head :

The┬ámakeup is as soft as skin, and the sponge head expands and softens as it comes into contact with water (little mushroom must be cleaned before use: as a skin care product, it is recommended to wash it once or twice before use for your skin’s safety). Oh, and the makeup will be more skin-friendly and fit.

Ingredients in botanical skincare :

Tremella Extract, Centella Extract, Vitamin E Small mushroom cosmetics vs. typical puff makeup (rough details, nose, etc., card, floating powder, etc) (such as nose, invisible pores, overall fit skin).

How to apply the CC Cream with the mushroom head air cushion :

  • Remove the protective film, turn the lid clockwise.
  • Wet the mushroom head with pure water.
  • Use the cleaned little mushroom puff to take a suitable amount of foundation and a small number of uniformly pressed cosmetics.
  • Tips: If you can’t get the BB cream out of the bottle, turn it upside down and gently tap the bottom to let the BB cream flow to the filter, then stand the bottle upright and pull the BB cream out of the sponge.

Before makeup, it must be seen :

  • If you want it to appear excellent and last a long time. Follow these steps:
  • Please take care of your skin.
  • To make the cosmetics more docile, apply it in the form of a “stamp” and swiftly pat it down.
  • After applying the makeup, use the powder to set it, then softly spray it with the makeup spray. This makeup has the ability to last a long time.


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