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Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder

Are you tired of dealing with messy and tangled cords and wires? Say hello to the Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder!

This innovative product allows you to fix your power boards, remote controls, tissue boxes, routers, adapters, and more, wherever you want. No more cluttered surfaces or tangled cords.

Benefits of the Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder :

  • The Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder is specially designed for power strips, wireless routers, tissue boxes, adapters, and remote controls. Simply install your power strip and say goodbye to clutter.
  • Worried about compatibility? Don’t be! Our product is compatible with popular brands such as Belkin, GE Power Strip, TESSAN, Bototek, Prime Wire & Cable, and most other mountable power strips.
  • Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but it is also separable and reusable. The slide design allows for easy fixing and separation, while the reusable acrylic gel allows for multiple cleanings without losing its initial adhesion.
  • Installation is a breeze with our mounting and self-adhesive acrylic transparent adhesive. No residue, strong load-bearing, and the longer the bonding time, the stronger the adhesion. Plus, it can hold up to 5kg! Product length is 3.93 inches and width is 1.57 inches.


  • Compatible with most mountable power strips
  • Maximum load of 5kg
  • Product length: 3.93 inches, width: 1.57 inches


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