96 Envelope Savings Challenge Book

96 Envelope Savings Challenge Book

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  • Crush financial goals with 96 envelopes.
  • 96 envelopes, $5,000 challenge for success.
  • Turn saving into a superhero journey.
  • Bid farewell to financial stress.
  • Ideal for birthdays, budgeting, or secure cash storage.
  • Join the challenge for financial freedom.
  • Material: PU leather
  • Size: 7.48*4.33in (19*11cm) Approx.

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Do you struggle with saving money? Are you ready to take control of your finances and become a savvy saver? Do you wish you had a fun and effective way to reach your savings goals? Our 96 Envelope Savings Challenge Book are here to help!

With a total of 96 envelopes and a challenge amount of $5,000, this book is packed with the tools you need to succeed. You’ll experience a life-changing journey towards financial empowerment.

Benefits of the 96 Envelope Savings Challenge Book:

  • Packed with 96 envelopes and a $5,000 challenge, this book equips you with the tools for financial success and empowerment.
  • Join countless individuals in this savings challenge and emerge as a financial superhero, finding joy in the art of saving.
  • Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to accomplishment with our book’s transformative journey toward financial empowerment.
  • Whether for a birthday, budgeting, or cash storage, our Savings Challenge Book is the ideal solution for anyone seeking financial freedom.
  • Start Today: Don’t wait – join the challenge now and kickstart your journey towards financial freedom.
  • Smart Saving Solution: Our 96 Envelope Savings Challenge Book is your key to conquering financial goals and becoming a savvy saver.


  • Material: PU.
  • Color: Pink, Black, Red, Gray, Blue, Green.
  • Size: 7.48*4.33in (19*11cm) Approx.

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