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6 shot glass dispenser

During parties refilling multiple shot glasses at a time can be an overwhelming task. How often have you wished there was some alternative to this or a trick that might help you quickly fill in the glasses? Many, right? Well, your wishes came true in the form of 6 shot glass dispenser. Want to know how beneficial these shot glasses are? Hop on below.

Benefits of 6 Shot Glass Dispensers

It has a high-quality design: The 6 Shot Glass Dispenser is made from high-quality plastic. Hence are durable. They won’t break on a simple fall, besides their materialistic durability. Therefore, once bought, these dispensers will last a long time.

Helps in quickly pouring a drink: Pouring a drink in the upper lid surface would lead to the six shot glasses below automatically filling up. Hence, it would ensure everyone gets the same amount of liquor.

It is great for parties: If you invite a few friends to your home for a party. These dispensers are an excellent investment. This isn’t only because it helps pour drinks quickly, but the cute design would make it a great shot holder décor piece too.

It allows you to carry the shot glasses: Party hosts can quickly fill in the shots, and this dispenser makes carrying around the shots easy too. The dispenser with 6 shot glasses can be pulled up, which fixes the shot glasses and make them stable enough to be carried around for serving.


  • Size: 4,8 x 5,2 inches / 12,3 x 13,2 cm
  • The shot glasses do not come with the 6-shot glass dispenser.


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