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360 Degree Turbo Shower Head | Power Jet Pro Shower Head

There are different kinds of shower heads available in the market, but the 360 degree shower head is a unique and very different kind of shower head. The water that comes from this shower head is a unique pattern. Hence, everybody wants to get one for themselves.

This Power Jet Pro Shower Head is a fun way to elevate your bathroom and adds a fantastic-looking element. This will give you the best shower experience with the right amount of water flow and pressure needed for a comfortable bath. The water is not too powerful, and neither is it too slow. Hence, the perfect combination.

Benefits of 360 Degree Shower Head:

  • Massage Feels: The shower head gives the proper pressure of water; it almost feels like you are getting a massage. The feeling of turbo water hitting your skin is very satisfying and relaxes all of the tense muscles. It also enhances blood circulation, improves skin texture, and has many other advantages.
  • Reducing water consumption: Even though this Power Jet Pro Shower Head increases the pressure of the water to 200% but it decreases the water consumption to 35%.
  • Filtration: This shower head has different layers of filter paper that make sure that all the impurities are removed. Hence, the water we get is pure and free from germs, dust, and other pollutants.


  • ABS and chrome plating
  • Size : 10 x 3 inches ( 26*7.5 cm)
  • 360-degree rotation


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