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(3 Pcs Set) Decompression Splat Pig

Great gift for your kids, friends, grandparents, co-workers, and more!

We Will send 3 Pcs so you can get more fun together. 

A Fun And Funny Toy For All Ages!

The Decompression Splat Toy can help you regain your focus and reduce tension!
A perfect toy to have at home or in the workplace!
Reduce tension and stress after meetings, during tough phone calls, or after a tiring activity!
Your kids will definitely enjoy this toy for hours.
The soft and squishy feeling you get when holding the toy will make you not want to let it go!

This awesome toy can melt your stress away!

The Decompression Splat Toy can wiggle and wobble back to its original shape!
Toss it against the wall and watch it go splat and stick on the wall surface before falling down!
Squeeze it like a stress ball or throw it against the wall!
It alleviates stress, anxiety, and tension while stimulating your hand muscles!


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