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2 in 1 Anti-Snoring and Air Purifier | Anti-Snore Nose Purifier

2 in 1 anti snoring and air purifier maintains the  airflow through the nasal passageways. In addition to helping with sleep apnea without interfering with regular sleep, it filters the air so that you can breathe healthy, fresh air.

Physically opening the airways and improving respiration, answering the snoring issue. The nasal cavity receives the stagnant device. When the airway opens up, vibrations and puffiness from the uvula reduce snoring as the airflow passes between the throat and soft palate.

Benefits of 2 in 1 anti-snoring and air purifier:

  • High quality: Anti snore nose purifier is made of soft, pleasant silicone that fits comfortably in the nostril and creates a tight seal without using straps.
  • Removal of pollutants eliminates air pollution, so you may breathe fresh air.
  • Easy to wear: Simply placing the vent into the nostrils makes it simple.
  • Comfortable breathing: Anti snore nose purifier reduces snoring by restoring sound sleep and easy breathing.
  • Friendly material: It is made of environmentally friendly ABS material that is kind to your nasal lining and hair.
  • Portable: Its small size and lightweight relieve pressure on the nose and make it easy to carry.


  • Material: Environmental silicone
  • Color Blue


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