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150 Pcs Portable Disposable Toilet Seat Covers Flushable Bathroom Biodegradable...

Protect Your Bum From Public Toilet Seats With Ease!

  • Do you hate using public restrooms because of dirty toilet seats?
  • With the current state of the world, sanitization is more important than ever.
  • Studies show that toilets contain 3.2 million bacteria per square inch and are immensely more in public restrooms.
  • Sitsafe disposable plastic covers easily fit around toilet seats and act as a barrier so that you can use the bathroom while protecting yourself from public bacteria!

Why you need SitSafe:

  • Easy to apply – Simply place the plastic through any toilet seat.
  • 150 Pieces Per Pack – Receive over a month’s worth of supply!
  • Quality plastic – Won’t tear easily like toilet paper covers.
  • Protects your bum – Prevents foreign waste from touching you.
  • Perfectly Portable – Can be taken with you and used anywhere.


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