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1200 Degree Rotation Best Universal Car Dashboard Cell Phone Holder

Materials: ABS+hardwareThis phone holder features a strong, anti-slip clip to securely attach your device to the dashboard, sun visor, or even front mirror.

Simply slide to move to the ideal position, and adjust your viewing angle without limitation – the ball joint offers 360° rotation and the tilting axis offers 180° angle tilting.

Let’s enjoy a boundless horizon while driving on the road.

  • Safe Driving
  • Adopts HUD (Head-up Display) simulating design which firmly holds your device within driving viewpoint to prevent refocusing
  • Keeping your eyes on the road for safe driving during phone/video calling, GPS navigating, music playing, or phone charging.

  • Clip it Anywhere
  • Not only for the dashboard, but you can also clip it on the sun visor or even the front mirror.

  • 360° Adjustable
  •  Ball-joint design allows all-direction rotation for both landscape & portrait orientation.
  • Also, the foldable axis offers 180° tilting for optimal viewing angle. Enjoy a boundless horizon while driving on the road.
  • Secure Clipping
  • Made of anti-slip silicone pad & clip with 4 rounded clamps to tightly hold the device with the shockproof feature, providing a stable viewing.
  • Also no more sliding or falling off even taking a sharp turn, sudden stop, or acceleration.

  • Easy to Clip / Remove
  • Features a strong clip that securely attaches to the dashboard / any flat surface.
  • Simply slide to move to the ideal position, or even remove it without leaving residue/ mark.

  • Durable
  • Engineered with stainless steel springs to increase the flexibility of the clip. Not easy to break even greatly bending.

  • Anti-scratching
  • A soft pad perfectly protects your phone and dashboard from damaging and scratching.
  • Universal
  • Designed with an adjustable clamp to snugly hold your device.
  • Highly compatible with all smartphones up to 7 inches even with a thick case.
  • Fits all dashboard up to 3 inches.


  • Car phone holder for placing your phone securely while driving.
  • Size: app.8×11.5x1cm/3.2*4.6*0.4in


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