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10 PCS Swimming Pool Skimmer Basket Filter Socks | Pool Skimmer Sock

Are your swimming pool filters in need of an upgrade? Check out our swimming pool skimmer basket filter socks! These nylon socks are designed to last and will keep your pool filters clean and free of debris. They are white in color and fit most standard pool filter baskets and skimmers.

Benefits of Pool Skimmer Socks:

  • Fantastic design: These nylon are perfect for catching different particles. This will certainly capture the leaves, grass, hair, oil, and other kinds of stuff from getting in the pool.
  • Protects the swimming pool system: The swimming pool filter socks will protect the swimming pool system. It will stop the foreign particles from clogging and destroying the entire system. As a result, this will extend your system’s life and keep your swimming pool clean.
  • Suitable for all Pools: This filter socks for pool are perfect for every swimming pool filter. Due to Their elasticity, pool skimmer socks can be used on every kind of filter.
  • Easy Cleaning: Pool skimmer socks will capture all the gunk and residues, so it is thousand times easier to clean the swimming pool filter system.


  • Material: Nylon mesh non-woven.
  • Size: 8.66 x 5.12 inches (22 x 13 cm) approx.
  • Package includes: 10 socks.


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