• DIY Wooden Family Birthday Calendar

    DIY Wooden Family Birthday Calendar

    • Keeps track of family special occasions.
    • Adds rustic charm to your home decor.
    • Displayed in a shared space for easy access.
    • Complete DIY set for personalization.
    • Customizable with celebrants’ names and birthdates.
    • Easy assembly for a unique family project.
    • The wooden family calendar is practical.
    • Material: Wood.
    • Style: A, B, C.
    • Package: 1 Pcs Rope ,1 Pc Board, 50 Pcs Circles, 50 Pcs Hearts, 100 Pcs Rings.
    • Size: Board: 15.78*4.33in (40*11cm), Heart: 1.18in (3cm), Circle: 0.8in (2.8cm), Ring: 0.4in (1cm) Approx.
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