• Universal 1080°Splash Filter Faucet

    Universal 1080°Splash Filter Faucet

    • 1080° full rotation for easy access to every corner of the sink.
    • Provides additional extension for a comfortable grip.
    • Unlike a standard faucet extender, the faucet sprayer attachment can rotate 1080 degrees.
    • Adds air to water stream for a wider spray without splashing.
    • Two water output modes: soft bubble flow also power shower.
    • Can be installed on kitchen and sink faucets, bathroom faucets and lavatory faucets.
    • Reinforced double O-ring valves prevent leaks.
    • Can be installed directly on a faucet, compatible with most faucets.
    • Material: ABS.
    • Color: Silver.
    • Size: 3.74*1.18inch (9.5*3cm) Approx.
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