• Telescopic U Shaped Window Cleaner

    Telescopic U Shaped Window Cleaner

    • Telescopic rod for high-rise cleaning.
    • Combines cleaner and scraper.
    • U-shaped handle for ergonomic use.
    • Reaches both sides, reduces repositioning.
    • Adapts for corners, no blind spots.
    • Effortless and effective window cleaning.
    • The u shaped telescopic window cleaner is practical.
    • Material: ABS, Microfiber, Aluminum alloy.
    • Color: Green.
    • Package: 1 x U-Shaped Rod Handle, 1 x Rod, 2 x Microfiber Cloth Wiper, 1 x Brush Head with Scraper, 1 x Bracket Replacement, 1 x Retail Box.
    • Size: 61*11.8in (155*30cm) Approx.
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