• Vintage Titanium Seven Archangel's Seal Pendant - Amulet against evil eyes, curses, spells

    Vintage Titanium Seven Archangel’s Seal...

    • Vintage titanium pendant shields against evil influences and negativity.
    • Adorned with angelic names, enhancing protective properties.
    • Keeps wearer safe from unseen dangers and hidden intentions.
    • Personal talisman for constant strength also protection.
    • Unique token of love and protection for special occasions.
    • Suitable for daily wear or special occasions, complements any style.
    • High-quality stainless steel, long-lasting also hypoallergenic.
    • Color: Gold, Silver, Black.
    • Chain Length : 24″ (60cm) Approx.
    • Pendant size : 1.5″ (4cm) Approx.
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