• LED Rechargeable Tactical Laser Flashlight

    LED Rechargeable Tactical Laser Flashlight

    • Lighting distance reaches more than 2000ft (600m).
    • Has 7 lighting modes.
    • 3 modes for main lighting(High/Low/Strobe) and 4 modes Cob side lighting.
    • Rechargeable, so you don’t have to keep buying batteries.
    • Waterproof and shock resistant.
    • It has a power bank function, so you can use it to charge your devices.
    • lumen output: 45000lm for P70 model and 120000lm for P90 model.
    • Package includes the Tactical Flashlight + 2000mAh rechargeable battery + USB cable.
    • Material: Aluminum Alloy.
    • Suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, running, cycling, power outages, emergencies, targeted searches and general household use etc..
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