• Fully Automatic Household Dumpling Machine

    Fully Automatic Household Dumpling Machine

    • Makes delicious dumplings quickly and easily.
    • The machine offers two speed gears, allowing you to choose between a 6-second or 9-second cycle.
    • USB rechargeable (Cable included).
    • Dual gears for faster adaptation.
    • Hassle-free dumpling making with two speed options.
    • Perfectly sealed dumplings with imitated manual edge pressing.
    • Effortless dumpling filling with the special spoon.
    • Enhanced adhesion with the matching brush.
    • Non-slip operation for safe also stable use.
    • Size: 5.51*4.13in (14*10.5cm) Approx.
    • Package Includes:

    1x Electric Dumpling Machine

    1x Filling Spoon

    1x Small Brush

    1x USB Cable

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