• Emergency Fire Blanket Fireproof Retardant Best Safety Resistant Blanket for Home, Car & Camping

    Emergency Fire Blanket Fireproof Retardant Best...

    • Safely extinguish fires.
    • Best suitable for welding, grease fires, kitchen fireplace, etc.
    • Heavyweight, flame-retardant fiberglass material.
    • Easy to use and teach to children and the elderly.
    • You can use it to escape buildings, in a fire emergency.
    • Use in offices, restaurants, journeys, home, and kitchen.
    • Fold and store anywhere.
    • Comes with knot-able belts.
    • High-quality material that can withstand fire up to (1076 Fahrenheit) or (580 Celsius).
    • Size: 3.3×3.3 feet (1m x 1m).
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