• 8 Pcs Felt Drawer Organizer Set

    8 Pcs Felt Drawer Organizer Set

    • Stylish way to organize your home or office.
    • Can be used to store a variety of items.
    • Durable and will help protect your belongings.
    • Foldable for easy storage.
    • The set comes with 8 different compartments.
    • The felt drawer organizer is practical.
    • Material: Felt.
    • Color; Gray, Blue, Pink.
    • Package: 8 Pcs.
    • Size: Largest bin: 10.8*7.8*2in (25.4*17.8*5cm), and Middle bin: 10.4*3.9*2in (25.4*7.6*5cm), and Small bin: 5.1*3.5*2in (12.6*7.6*5cm) and Round bin: 3.5*2in (7.6*5cm) Approx.
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