• Electric Submarine Boat Shower Baby Bath Toy

    Electric Submarine Boat Shower Baby Bath Toy

    • Makes bath time fun for your little ones with the unique submarine design.
    • With its bright colors and fun sound effects, your child will love being in the tub.
    • Tap the Elephant’s tummy and it gently pumps water from the bathtub through the spout, keeping the temperature consistent and baby happy and calm.
    • Simply attach the suction cup to a smooth surface and place the lower end of the cloud in the water.
    • Designed with four suction cups, for easy attachment.
    • Saves water, promotes responsible usage.
    • Conveniently attaches to bathroom wall.
    • The rod of the nozzle can be adjusted flexibly by 360 degree.
    • Kids can adjust to the suitable angle. Enjoy the fun of playing in the water.
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