• Earring Gun Disposable Ear Piercing Tool

    Earring Gun Disposable Ear Piercing Tool

    • Quick also painless way to get your ears pierced.
    • Perfect tool for fast-piercing.
    • Can cause the least possible pain.
    • Easy to use and has a simple design.
    • High-quality and sterile gun that is safe to use.
    • Helps you DIY your ear piercing at home.
    • Material: ABS & Stainless Steel .
    • Color: Blue, Yellow.
    • Size:  Yellow: Suitable Earring Size: 0.15in and 0.11in (4mm and 3mm) ; Adaptor Sizes: 0.16in (4.05mm), 0.12in (3.95mm), 0.11in (3.05mm), 0.08in (2.95mm),  / Blue: Suitable Earring Size: 0.15 (4mm)  (No Adaptor) Approx.
    • Package: B: 1 x Blue Gun+ Marker+ Case with Mirror/ A: 1 x Yellow Gun+Marker+4 Adaptors+ Case/ C: 1 x Blue Gun+ 98 PCs Stud Earrings Set.
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