• Dog Shampoo Dispenser Brush

    Dog Shampoo Dispenser Brush

    • Deeply cleans your pet’s coat for a fresh, clean result.
    • Built-in shampoo dispenser.
    • Provides a soothing massage for a calming bath experience.
    • Stimulates skin and promotes healthier hair, reducing skin issues.
    • Suitable for all pet sizes and hair types.
    • Resistant silicone material for easy cleaning and quick drying.
    • Non-toxic silicone and non-slip hand grip for added safety.
    • Enjoy interactive bath time to strengthen your bond.
    • Material: Silica Gel.
    • Color: Blue,¬†Pink, Yellow.
    • Size: 3.54*3.15inch (9*8cm) Approx.
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