• cylindrical yarn holder | Pull Out Yarn Knitting Storage Bag

    Cylindrical Yarn Holder | Pull Out Yarn Knitting...

    • Keeps yarn balls neat and tidy.
    • Protects yarn balls from dirt and dust.
    • Prevents tangles and knots in yarn balls.
    • This cylindrical yarn holder is perfect.
    • Perfect for storing crochet hooks and sewing accessories.
    • Keeps everything organized in one place.
    • Material: Waterproof PVC.
    • Size: 5.51*5.5in (14.5*14cm) Approx.
    • Style: Maple Leaf Bag, Fawn Bag, Geometry Bag, Peony bag, Purple Color Bag, Rose Color Bag, Pink Color Bag, Green Color Bag,  Orange Color Bag.
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