• Gun Alarm Clock Laser Shooter

    Gun Alarm Clock Laser Shooter

    • Gun Alarm Clock Laser Shooter: Laser-shooting feature keeps you alert and motivated.
    • Choose Easy or Hard mode for your preferred challenge level.
    • Turn waking up into a playful shooting activity.
    • Say goodbye to snoozing, take aim and shoot the target to deactivate the alarm.
    • Improve focus and precision with the shooting mechanism.
    • Add fun and excitement to your mornings.
    • Stand out with its unique design and functionality.
    • Material: ABS+ Electric component.
    • Color: White, Black.
    • Size: Gun 5.71*4.72inch (14.5*11.5cm) / Clock 5.7*5.31inch (14.5*13.8cm) Approx.
    • Package Content:
      • 1 x Base Clock,
      • 1 x Target,
      • 1 x Shooting Laser Gun.
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