• Sock helper tool | help to put socks on the device

    Sock helper tool | help putting socks on device

    • Perfect for people who have trouble moving, have injuries, or are pregnant
    • Designed as an aid device to help putting socks on
    • Simple to use
    • It works with all sock types
    • It is ideal for people who find it difficult to bend at the waist
  • Car handle assist

    Car handle assist

    • Provides support, balance, and independence while sitting or getting out of the vehicle.
    • Perfect and ideal tool for elders, the injured, or any person who requires mobility assistance.
    • Support up to 300 pounds
    • Ergonomically designed for ease of use.
    • Lightweight and portable for easy storage and travel.
    • Dimensions: 7.1 x 4.7 x 2.8in (L x W x H)
    • Shape: T-Shaped
  • Lazy Shoe Helper red

    Lazy Shoe Helper

    • Comes in a Pair of 2 Pcs
    • No need to bend over to wear your shoes, sit straight and use the Lazy Shoe Helper
    • No need to touch your shoe to wear it
    • It can be very easily clipped into any shoe
    • Super fine quality with no sharp edges.
    • It prevents the bulging and stretching of the shoe while pulling it to fit in the foot.
  • monthly pill organizer 2 times a day, am pm 31 day monthly pill organizer

    Monthly Pill Organizer 2 Times a Day, Am/pm 31...

    • Allows you to organize your pills for the month so that you never forget to take them
    • A full 31 Day Organizer for you pills with Am/Pm 2 Times a Day compartments
    • The pills are easy to access and you can see when you last took them
    • You can carry it with you wherever you go
  • 7 Day Pill Organizer 4 Times a Day | Weekly Pill Organizer 4 Times a Day | 4 Times a Day Pill Box

    7 Day Pill Organizer 4 Times a Day | Weekly Pill...

    • A Weekly Pill Organizer with 4 Times a Day compartments.
    • Has 28 compartments with enough space to store all pills you need.
    • Can store 5PCS fish oils or 18PCS capsules or 52PCS small tablets in each compartment
    • Allows 4 times a day medication reminders
    • Size : 9.5×4.8×1.3 inches (24×12.2×3.3 cm)
  • $19.90$39.90
  • Clip On Reading Glasses

    Clip On Reading Glasses

    • Easy to attach and remove
    • Does not wobble or shake
    • Conveniently converts regular eyeglasses to your prescription eyeglass
    • Easily remove lenses from frame after using
  • cute pill organizer, cute pill box, cute pill case, cute pill boxes, cute pill containers, cute pill holder,

    Cute Pill Organizer, Box, Case, Boxes, Containers,...

    • This pill organizer is super cute, and will help you keep track of your pills in style!
    • It’s food grade materials, so it will withstand daily use
    • The case is compact and lightweight
    • Easy to take with you on the go
    • Diameter : 90mm/3.54″(Approx.)
    • Thickness: 22mm/0.87″(Approx.)
    • Available in many cute colors
  • 3 Times a Day Pill Organizer | Weekly Pill Organizer 3 Times a Day | Morning Noon and Night Pill Box

    3 Times a Day Pill Organizer | Weekly Pill Organizer...

    • 7 days pill box with morning, noon and Night compartments
    • Compartments: 21 Compartments
    • Keeps pills organized and easy to take
    • 3 times a day reminder
    • Comes with soft premium zip bag that protects your pill container
    • Made of food grade material
    • Size: 6.3×4.7×1.6 inches (16*12*4.1 cm) approx.
  • Weekly Pill Organizer 2 Times a Day | 7 Day Pill Organizer 2 Times a Day

    Weekly Pill Organizer 2 Times a Day | 7 Day Pill...

    • Allows you to organize your pills for the week so that you don’t forget to take them
    • Has a 2 times compartments for each day
    • Comes in a beautiful leather bag
    • A travel-friendly pill organizer
    • Size of the pill organizer : 5.3×2.7 inches (13.4×6.8 cm)
  • Wooden Pill Box | Wood Pill Organizer | Small Wooden Pill Case

    Wooden Pill Box | Wood Pill Organizer | Small...

    • Made of natural wood
    • A beautiful and unique way to store pills
    • It’s durable and eco-friendly
    • Has 7 compartments
    • Size : 4.3×4.3×1.2 inches (11x11x3 cm)
  • non slip socks for the elderly | non skid socks for elderly | gripper socks for elderly

    Non-Slip Socks for the Elderly | Non-Skid Socks...

    • Perfect technology for all elderly people
    • Soft and comfortable sole
    • Anti-slip with 100% anti-slip dot on the bottom
    • Safe material that prevents skin irritations
    • Perfect for all attires
    • Perfect for everyday use