• Practice Guitar Neck | Guitar Chord Trainer

    Practice Guitar Neck | Guitar Chord Trainer

    • A smart portable cord trainer
    • Improve your guitar playing with the 400 kinds of chords inside the IC.
    • Develops muscle memory for chords
    • Digital rotatable screen to display chords
  • Mini Pocket Sax

  • clip on guitar tuner
  • Guitar Capo Tuner

    • Professional capo and tuner in one device
    • Ideal for acoustic and electric guitars
    • Built with aluminium alloy
    • Highly sensitive and accurate tuner
  • Wooden Acoustic Guitar Pick Box with Stand, Personalized...

    • Unique and personalized gift option for any occasion
    • The box and the 3 picks are engraved with a name or text of your choice
    • Made of oak wood
    • Size: 4.7″x1.8″ (12×4.5 cm)
  • Mini Thumb Piano

    • The mini thumb piano is a good choice for children and adult beginners, as it is easy to learn and play.
    • The design of the armrest curve and curved keys is more comfortable and convenient to use.
    • The finger harp is small and cute, making it the best musical gift for children, family and friends.
    • Material: Wood+Fixture
    • Style: Wood
  • Blackpink Lightstick Hammer Light

    • An excellent gift for Blackpink’s fans.
    • A cute hammer shape that helps you light the way in the dark.
    • A must-have for every blink.
    • Can be used for interactive purposes.
    • Makes you stand out from the crowd.
    • Material : ABS.
    • Color : Black and Pink.
    • Size : 9.84×5.5×3.15 inches (25x14x8,5 cm) Approx.
  • Removable Piano Keyboard Note Labels

    Removable Piano Keyboard Note Labels

    • Helps you to start playing and practicing immediately
    • Make the learning process faster and easier
    • Helps beginners to visualize the key notes, making it easier to learn and play the piano
    • Is removable, so it does not permanently damage the piano keyboard
    • Prevents frustration and discouragement
    • 88 keys full size
  • Transparent PVC Guitar Dust Cover

    Transparent PVC Guitar Dust Cover

    • Protects guitars from dust, scratches, and dents.
    • Suitable for acoustic or electric guitars.
    • Lightweight and foldable for portability.
    • Durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.
    • The guitar dust cover is practical.
    • Material: PEVA.
    • Color: Transparent.
    • Size: For Acoustic Guitar: 41.3*15.7in (105*40cm) , For Electric Guitar: 42.1*17..3in (107*44cm) Approx.
  • $29.90$60.00
  • Ethereal Drum | Ethereal Steel Tongue Drum

    • Find your center through the beautiful sound of Ethereal Drum.
    • Stress-free paradise with smooth tones.
    • Ideal for meditation, yoga, therapy.
    • Stress-free exploration with versatile tunes.
    • 8 tunes for soothing compositions.
    • Create serene vibes for relaxation.
    • perfect for all ages and musical abilities.
    • Material: Steel.
    • Size: 6in (15.24cm) Approx.
  • pickguard decal | Clear PVC Guitar Pickguard Sticker

    Pickguard Decal | Clear PVC Guitar Pickguard Sticker

    • Shield your guitar effortlessly.
    • Peel and stick for hassle-free application.
    • Choose from two for a personalized touch.
    • Safeguard your instrument from damage.
    • Easily stick the pickguard decal on your guitar.
    • Enjoy sessions without scratches.
    • Material: PVC.
    • Color: Transparent.
    • Size: 7.09*4.25in (18*10.8cm) Approx.
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