• router bit for juice groove | Tongue & Groove Router Bit

    Router Bit for Juice Groove | Tongue & Groove...

    • Perfect for creating grooves and lines in wood.
    • Made of solid Hardened Steel for durability.
    • Has heat Resistant Teflon Coating.
    • Easy to use and perfect for the DIYer.
    • Anti-Kickback Design and Build-up.
    • The Anti-Kickback Design ensures safety while in use.
    • The router bit for juice groove is practical.
    • Material: Steel.
    • Color: Yellow.
    • Size: 3*0.5in (7.16*1.27cm) Approx.
  • Steel Woodworking Compass

    Steel Woodworking Compass

    • Reliable tool for your woodworking projects.
    • You can use it to draw curves and circles on your woodwork.
    • Can draw circles from half an inch to about 34-inches.
    • Sturdy and stable compass structure.
    • Screw-design pencil holder.
    • Material: Metal.
    • Color: Silver.
    • Size: 11.8in (30cm), 9.8in (25cm), 7.8in (20cm), 5.9in (15cm), 3.9in (10cm) Approx.
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