• Grout Pen Colors | Colored Grout Pens | Grout Refresh Coloring Pen

    Grout Pen Colors | Colored Grout Pens | Grout...

    • Allows you to change the color of your grout without having to replace it
    • It’s permanent, so you don’t have to worry about it fading
    • Waterproof efficient
    • Saves time and money
    • The grout pen colors gives your tile a fresh new look
    • Easy to use and dries quickly
  • $14.90$35.90
  • Ceramic Tile Cutter Pen

    Ceramic Tile Cutter Pen

    • Easily cut tiles, steel plates, marbles, or leave marks on iron plates.
    • Made of high-quality tungsten steel.
    • Practical and easy to use.
    • Same size as a normal pen, making it easy to carry.
    • Color : Silver
  • Waterproof Insulation Sealant | Invisible Transparent Glue Agent

    Waterproof Insulation Sealant | Invisible Transparent...

    • A revolutionary formula that penetrates cracks, leaks and crevices to seal cracked surfaces.
    • Designed to be used on any material, like wood, marble, blocks, pipes, roof, walls etc..
    • Can be used on (Iron, granite, wall, cement, brick, plastic, glass, etc.)
    • Prevents future leaks.
    • Clear and invisible.
    • Material: Silicone Sealant.
    • Color: Transparent.
  • Nano Crystal Coating Agent for Tile and Furniture

    Nano Crystal Coating Agent for Tile and Furniture

    • High-quality sealant and care for Furniture, tile and stone surfaces, including marble.
    • Stain prevention and durability for surfaces.
    • Penetrates and seals porous surfaces, preventing permanent stains.
    • Eliminates stains and residues.
    • Removes stubborn stains from cement slurry and bathroom tiles.
    • Creates a waterproof and stain-resistant surface.
    • Maintains the beauty and durability.
    • Capacity: 2 oz (50ml) or 6 oz (160ml).
  • Rolling Knee Creeper Protection Pad with Wheels

    Rolling Knee Creeper Protection Pad with Wheels

    • Allows for easy and comfortable movement around the house or workplace.
    • Protects your knees from pain and fatigue, so you can work for longer periods of time without discomfort.
    • Easy to maneuver, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.
    • Makes it easier to reach tight spaces.
    • Ideal for painting, tiling, decorating or other home improvement projects.
    • Compact and easy to store when not in use.
  • $19.90$39.90
  • Concrete Path Mold Pathway Maker

    Concrete Path Mold Pathway Maker

    • Create beautiful pathways easily.
    • Avoid stepping on grass to protect lawn.
    • Simple and easy to use for anyone.
    • Create your own pathways at home using this mold.
    • You can use this over and over again.
    • This concrete mold pathway has unique shapes.
    • Material: PP.
    • Color: Black.
    • Size: A: 14.17 (36*36cm), B: 15.7*15.7in (40*40cm), C: 14.17*14.17in (36*36cm), D: 11.8*11.8in (30*30cm) Approx.
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