• Halloween Holographic Projection, Halloween and Christmas Holographic Projector

    Halloween Holographic Projector, Window Projector...

    • The easy and perfect solution to decorate your home this Halloween and Christmas
    • Window Full-color movie projector plays movies in your windows
    • A built-in audio jack to connect external speakers
    • Convenient to storage and carry
    • Comes with a 360° pivoting stand, so you can get the perfect display
      1 x Deluxe Halloween Projector
      1 x Tripod
      1 x Charger
      1 x Package Box
      1 x Projection Screen
      12 Videos (6*Halloween/6*Christmas)
  • Halloween Bat Lanterns | Bat Lamps Lights

    Halloween Bat Lanterns | Bat Lamps Lights

    • Makes great halloween decoration
    • Perfect lights around your home this scary season
    • Works on battery so you can place it anywhere
    • Includes a metal chain
    • Size : 6.5 x 3.5 inches (17 x 9 cm)
  • Wall Fantasy Dragon 3D Wall Mounted Smoked LED...

    • Adds an impressive decoration to any wall it is hung on.
    • Creates a realistic smoke and fire effect.
    • Designed to hang on a wall.
    • Available in 3 colors to match any style.
    • Made of durable latex skin.
    • Power Supply: 2 X AA battery (Not included).
    • Material: Latex foam.
    • Dimensions: 11x11x8 inches (28x28x20 cm).
  • Hangable Luminous Skeleton

    Hangable Luminous Skeletons

    • Hangable luminous skeleton with Adjustable limbs
    • Glow in the dark
    • Available in 3 sizes
    • Best Scary Halloween Decoration

  • Fire Pit Skulls | Cool Terrifying Human Skull...

    • Adds a unique and exciting element to your fire pit or fireplace.
    • Simply place the skull in your fire pit or fireplace and light it up! Flames will escape out of the nose, eye sockets, and top of the skull, creating an awesome visual.
    • Recycled and burned repeatedly without being affected.
    • Highly detailed and extremely durable.
    • Material: ceramic clay
    • Color: BLACK
    • Size: 3x3x2.4 inches (8x8x6 cm)
  • 10 Pcs Glowing Eyeball Bouncy Balls

    10 Pcs Glowing Eyeball Bouncy Balls

    • Perfect for Halloween.
    • Can be used to decorate your home or Halloween party.
    • Give away to kids during trick-or-treating.
    • Glow in the dark and fun to play with.
    • The eyeball bouncy balls are unique.
    • Material: Rubber.
    • Size: 1.18in (3cm) Approx.
    • Package: 10 Pcs.
  • Old Man Tree Face Tree Trunk Decoration

    Old Man Tree Face Tree Trunk Decoration

    • Has an enchanting old man’s face on it.
    • Creatively decorates the tree trunk.
    • Funny and whimsical decoration.
    • Waterproof and weather-resistant.
    • Conveniently designed with a hanging hole.
    • This tree face decoration is unique.
    • Material: Resin.
    • Size: 9.84*3.5in (25.7*9.7cm) Approx.
    • Color: A, B.
  • Horror Resin Witch Hand Candle Holder

    Horror Resin Witch Hand Candle Holder

    • Shaped like the hand of a witch; just place your candle or any item on the palm.
    • Perfect for costume parties and Halloween events.
    • Perfect for bars, restaurants, and also homes alike.
    • Handmade from high-quality materials.
    • Adds a touch of elegance to any setting.
    • Material: Polyresin.
    • Size: 9.84*3.14nch (25*8cm) Approx.
    • Unique gothic style.
  • Halloween Caution Tape

    • Halloween Caution Tape can be used to decorate for a Halloween party, adding a festive and spooky touch.
    • The tape is made of durable material that can be reused, making it a cost-effective decoration.
    • The tape is brightly colored and patterned, making it easy to spot and adding to the overall Halloween atmosphere.
    • Material: PE .
    • Length 236 inches (6 meters)
    • Width 3.15 inches (8 cm)
    • Color: Orange .
  • 12 pcs DIY White Foam Pumpkins

    • Can be used as a decoration for various occasions such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
    • PAckage includes : 4pcs white small pumpkins + 4pcs medium pumpkins + 4pcs big pumpkins.
    • No carving required
    • May be painted or left unpainted for a more natural look
    • Sturdy and durable material
    • Material: Foam
    • Dimensions:
      • Big Pumpkin: 3.54″2.83″ (9×7.2cm)
      • Medium Pumpkin: 2.87″2.87″ (7.3×7.3cm)
      • Small Pumpkin: 2.36″2.36″ (6x6cm)
  • Foam Fake Mini Pumpkins

    12 Pcs Foam Fake Mini Pumpkins

    • Perfect for decorating small spaces.
    • Package includes 12 Pcs
    • Made of foam, which makes them lightweight and easy to handle.
    • Will last longer than real pumpkins.
    • Light and easy to carry around.
    • Brightly colored, which makes it eye-catching.
    • Material: ABS
    • Pumpkin Size: 2.2 inch (5.5cm) Approx.
    • Artificial Type: Pumpkin
  • halloween battery operated candles, LED Light Halloween Flameless Candles

    Halloween Battery Operated Candles | LED Light...

    • Add some fun and festive ambiance to your Halloween party.
    • These flameless LED lights are safe and easy to use.
    • Battery-efficient flameless candles.
    • With a simple on/off switch button on the bottom.
    • Material: ABS.
    • Size: 1.6×0.8 inches (4.8 x 2.7 cm) Approx.
    • Power Source: Button Cell Battery.
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