• Original Ore Christmas Advent Calendar | Healing...

    • Start the countdown to Christmas with some spirit and excitement.
    • Celebrate a happy Christmas with this pre Christmas advent calendar.
    • Real ore, selected 24 models to put into the Ore Christmas Advent Calendar.
  • $29.90$59.90
  • DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set

    • Comes with a tree plus 26 ornaments and a 196″ (5m) LED stripe light
    • Engages your child in christmas celebration
    • Ideal for educational use
    • Perfect Christmas gift for your kids
    • Can be ironed
    • Helps in developing children’s skills
    • Provides children a sense of possession
  • DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelets Set

    • A beautiful Christmas themed gift blind box
    • Hide small charms behind each the 24 numbered doors
    • Each day, your kids, girls, or lover can open a window and receive a different charm
    • By December 24th, your little one will have an entire unique bracelet gift
  • Christmas Rubber Ducks Advent Calendar

    • A great gift for your child, make your child look forward to opening the door every day
    • 24 days of surprises
    • A different rubber duck behind each door
    • A great way to countdown to Christmas
    • Makes a great Christmas gift
  • Unicorn Advent Calendar For Girls

    Unicorn Advent Calendar For Girls

    • A magical way to countdown to Christmas
    • Includes 24 days of unicorn themed surprises
    • Perfect for any little girl who loves unicorns