• Wall Mounted Back Scrubber for Shower | Hands-Free Exfoliating Back Scrubber

    Wall Mounted Back Scrubber for Shower | Hands-Free...

    • This hands-free back scrubber makes great foam and effectively covers all parts of your back.
    • The non-slip design of this wall mounted scrubber is pretty hygienic and gives a great clean.
    • It is soft and gentle on the skin.
    • Size: 12 x 9 inches / 30 x 23 cm approx.
    • Soft bristles
  • $17.90$47.90
  • Chenille Hand Towel white

    Chenille Hand Towel

    • Quick-drying: Chenille hand towels dry much faster than traditional cotton towels
    • Ideal for use in busy households or for travel
    • Chenille hand towels can absorb up to 10 times their weight in water
    • Perfect for use in the kitchen or bathroom
    • Soft to the touch: Ideal for use on sensitive skin
    • Color : Gray or White
    • Material : Sponge and Chenille
    • Size : 7 inches (17cm) approx.
  • Memory Foam Toilet Seat Cover | Cushion Toilet Seat Cover

    Memory Foam Toilet Seat Cover | Cushion Toilet...

    • Best memory foam cushion solution for your toilet seat
    • Gentle on skin
    • Made quality material
    • Stops bacteria growth
    • Comes with self-adhesive paper
  • $79.90$199.90
  • Bloody Bath Mat

    • The original bloody bath mat that started it all!
    • Color changing effect that is sure to amaze
    • Disappears like magic when dry
    • Perfect for pranking your friends and family
  • $19.90$39.90
  • Sink Faucet Sprayer Set

  • Retractable Window Roller Sunshade

    Retractable Window Roller Sunshade For Truck Car...

    • The sunshade can block the sun and reduces heat.
    • Suitable for any window, for Truck, Car, home, bedroom, kitchen, Living Room or Office.
    • Improves driving safety by reducing glare and distractions.
    • You can quickly roll up or down the sunshade as needed.
    • With the lower open method, you can easily open and close the sunshade.
    • Fits any window or car type.
    • Easy to use.
    • Material: PVC+ Iron.
    • Color: Black.
  • Super Absorbent Non-Slip Mat

    Super Absorbent Non-Slip Mat

    • Highly absorbent, able to hold large amounts of liquid.
    • Provides a comfortable and soft surface to stand on.
    • Adds a stylish look to your room.
    • It is a super absorbent non-slip mat.
    • Eco-friendly.
    • Easy to clean and maintain.
    • Durable and long-lasting.
    • Material: PVC.
    • Size: 23.6×15.7inch (60x40cm) Approx.
    • Color:
  • Shower Foot Scrubber Mat Silicone Scrubber

    • Helps ensure you thoroughly clean the soles of your feet every time you bathe
    • It has 55 suction cups that do not easily slip
    • You can easily put it on your wall to help you scrub your back better
    • It has soft silicone bristles that effectively scrub and exfoliate to give you smoother skin
    • Material: Silicone
    • Diametre: 12.2″ (31cm) Approx
  • Power Shower Head Ceramic Balls

    Power Shower Head Ceramic Balls

    • Produces negative ions, which are good for the body.
    • Three Spray Types: Massage, rainfall and jetting.
    • Increases oxygen in the blood.
    • Helps remove toxins in the body.
    • Protects the skin from the harmful effects of chlorine.
    • Power Shower Head is perfect.
    • Material: ABS.
    • Size: 8.6inch (22cm) Approx.
    • Color: Transparent, Blue.