• through thick and thin keychain gift for friendship

    Thick And Thin Keychain Gift For Friendship

    • Express your love and gratitude with this Thick and Thin Keychain
    • Vogue design.
    • High-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship provide buyers peace of mind.
    • High-grade materials
    • A distinctive design, and a distinctive look.
    • High Quality, 100% New, Stylish Design!
  • 100 Envelope Challenge Binder | Easy and Fun Way to Save $5,050

    100 Envelope Savings Challenge Binder | Easy and...

    • A fun and creative way to save money.
    • A unique gift for yourself, family, friends.
    • Comes with an A5 size binder (9 inches tall X 7 inches wide), 1 laminated reusable tracker, pouches either labeled 1-100 for the traditional way to save $5,050.
    • Material: PU, stainless steel, paper.
    • Size: 8.3* 5.8in (21×15 cm).
  • $18.90$39.90
  • Multi-functional RFID Blocking Waterproof Durable PU Leather Wallet

    Multi-functional RFID Blocking Waterproof Durable...

    • Stylish and durable RFID blocking wallet.
    • Made of high quality Leather.
    • Can be used as a wallet, card holder, or passcard pocket.
    • RFID blocking: Prevents electronic pickpocketing.
    • Waterproof resistant to water damage and wear and tear.
    • Material: PU Leather.
    •  Color: Khaki, Brown, Black.
    • Size: 4.72*3.93*0.78inch (12*10*2cm) Approx.
  • The Best Friends Forever Ring | BFF Ring

    The Best Friends Forever Ring | BFF Ring

    • A great way to show your affection for your best friend.
    • A perfect gift for any occasion.
    • Adjustable, so it can be worn on any finger.
    • Color: Gold plated over copper.
    • Size: adjustable.



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