• Weed Eater Wire Brush Attachments Universal Heads...

    • Get the job done is a fraction of the time
    • Made from steel wire for hardness, sharpness and durability
    • Full coverage, no dead spots
    • Fits all trimmer models
  • Trim Boss

  • $25.90$39.90
  • Stand Stacking Planters Strawberry Planting Pots

    • Reminder : we are selling each pot separately, you can order as much pots as you want and add a base to complete your plant tower.
    • Use it as independent plant pots, or you can stack it to build a planter tower.
    • The flexible plant tray with 4 wheels allows you to easily move potted plants to any place you want.
    • Use it for strawberries, flowers or any kind of plants
    • Intelligent watering system: makes the water cup have following layers.
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Color: white, pink, green, beige, brick red, purple
    • Weight: about 420g
  • $27.90$50.00
  • Universal 6 Steel Razors Trimmer Head

    Universal 6 Steel Razors Trimmer Head

    • Perfect for garden or agricultural use.
    • Universal trimmer head
    • Easy to Install
    • It saves a lot of time
    • It can be used on different types of grass
    • Hassle free
    • Easy to store
  • All-steel Hardened Hollow Hoe

  • self watering globes
  • $29.90$89.90
  • Best Garden Kneeler And Seat Multi Functional...

    • a must-have if you like to spend time tending to your garden
    • Folds with ease. Comes assembled
    • Weight Capacity: up to 330.7lbs
    • Comes with a hanging bag for storing tools
  • Mist Cooling Automatic Irrigation System

    Mist Cooling Automatic Irrigation System

    • The system automatically waters your plants, saving you time and effort.
    • Gentle misting action is ideal for delicate plants.
    • Automatic irrigation system waters plants on a schedule.
    • Misting action helps to keep plants cool and reduces water evaporation.
    • Keep your plants cooler in hot weather, which can improve their health and growth.
    • You can set the system with a timer to water your plants even when you are not at home.
    • Material: ABS .
    • Package including : Hose , Faucet Connector Accessory , Faucet, Tee Joint , Adjustable Dripper , Fixed Stem .
  • Organic Coconut Coir for Plants

    Organic Coconut Coir for Plants

    • Made from the finest coconut fibers.
    • Perfect fertilizer for your Plants.
    • Provides good aeration for roots.
    • Simply soak the coir in water to expand it to its full size, and it’s ready to use.
    • Ideal alternative to traditional soil for indoor and outdoor gardening.
    • Suitable for all variety of plants.
    • Resistant to fungal growth and pests.
    • You can reuse and recycle it after use in gardening.
    • Material: 100% Coconut Coir.
    • Size: 3.93×0.59inch (10×1.5cm) Approx.
    • Weight: 100 g / 0.22 lbs.